The Marquee

Загрузка панорамы...

The suite of rooms is completed by a small oval boudoir: the Marquee. The walls are lined with white artificial marble, and flower garlands with flying birds are painted on the plafond. The semicircular soft sofa is upholstered with authentic embroidery of the early 19th century: a wide valance sewed with colored threads and images of large flowers. In front of the sofa is an authentic handmade embroidered rug of the 19th century with the image of red parrots in flowers. On it is a needlework table of Russian work. Contrasting with the white wall background is an elegant metal incense, a part of the historical decor of the room. Back then, aromatic herbs were laid in incense burners, refreshing the air with their aroma.

In the wall opposite the entrance, there is a deep niche with an arched ceiling. It used to lead to clothes rooms and storerooms, from there the Empress's staff came on her call: some brought breakfast, others a change of clothes. In the niche, there is a marble fireplace with inserts of colored marble. On the mantelpiece, there is a French clock in the form of a chariot drawn by a pair of dogs (representing loyalty), and it is steered by the naughty Cupid, the god of love. The most peculiar thing here is that the dial is mounted in the wheel.

From the Marquee, one can go out to a covered veranda. The veranda door is decorated with draperies having the same embroidery as the sofa. The part of the veranda adjacent to the Marquee was built by Andrey Voronikhin in 1807, in the form of a portico with columns, and a porch with steps leading to the Private Garden. In 1820, the architect Carlo Rossi turned the porch into a round veranda, covering it with a tent-shaped roof. From the inside, the ceiling is decorated with cast-iron ornaments in the form of winged Egyptian sphinxes.

The Marquee was intended for a quiet rest and needlework. On hot days, it was nice to relax on the veranda, where there was always shade and coolness. The veranda offers a beautiful view of the blooming alleys and flower beds of the Private Garden.

The Marquee on the floor plane


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