Russian Residential Interior of the late 18th–early 20th centuries

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The Museum exposition introduces you to the amazing art of the living rooms decoration in the noble house throughout the 19th Century. You will see how the fashion changed the shape of furniture and its placement, how the decorative fabric influenced on the creation of a certain atmosphere in the house. You will see how the concept of home comfort perceived in different decades. The idea of this exposition belonged to the outstanding Museum specialist Anatoly Mikhailovich Kuchumov, the Chief Keeper of the Pavlovsk Palace in the postwar period. He had recreated the interiors according to the old inventories. Being brilliant connoisseur of art objects, he was involved in a serious gathering works for the Museum. One of this work results was this exposition, which presents the art household items: furniture, lamps, bronzes, glass and porcelain in the complex of residential living space.


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