Open Collection of Russian Porcelain

Загрузка панорамы...

Open for visits Museum storage represents the full porcelain collection of the domestic manufacture from the Pavlovsk Palace collection. These porcelain items of 18th – beginning of 19th Century are from the Imperial Porcelain Factory and private manufactories of Gardner, Popov, Batenin, Yusupov, which were not included to the permanent exhibition. There is a collection of Imperial Kievo-Mezhigorskiy manufactory art faience, as well as private faience manufactories. The exposition concludes with the Soviet porcelain. These are the works of Leningrad Porcelain Factory (the name of the Imperial Porcelain Factory after the revolution).

The items of “historical collections” related to the history of Pavlovsk and its owners are the most valuable part of the collection. Despite the fact that in the 1920-1940s some of the exhibits were lost, thereafter the collection was greatly enriched and expanded. There are a lot of interesting and significant items among the new arrivals. Today the Pavlovsk Palace ceramics collection comes to us sufficiently valuable in chronological, historical and artistic aspects. It is interesting to get acquainted with it not only for experts but for those who loves porcelain very much.

The new exposition is located in three halls, which are equipped with modern equipment, specially made to demonstrate this collection. These are the hermetically closed glass showcases intended for storage and display items. The dishes sets can store in the special drawers. Such open porcelain storage meets the modern requirements for Museum work. The State Museum “PAVLOVSK” – one of the first Russian museums, using innovative technical tools.


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