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The Valet de Chambre Room of Paul I

The Valet de Chambre Room is a modest room without any decorative finish. There were no paintings on its walls. The room originally contained a round mahogany table with an ink-well and sand-box, a chest of four drawers, six chair painted green and white with seats and backs upholstered it green morocco, and one chair painted white and upholstered in red morocco.

The room now contains two large pictures connected with Pavel and Maria's trip to Europe in 1782. One depicts Pavel and Maria at the ruins of the Roman Forum (A.L.R. Dukro (1748-1810), Switzerland, 1782). The other is a scene of the Prince of Conde hunting at the Chateau de Chantilly (J.B. Lepan (1738-1785), France), depicting the culmination of a deer hunt in which Pavel had taken part. The picture was a present from the Prince of Conde to the Russian couple. The mahogany furniture with brass brackets was made by Russian masters at the turn of the nineteenth century. This type of furniture was known as "Jacob" and was extremely popular in Russia. There are a number of hypotheses as to how it aquired this name, which coincides with the surname of a family of famous French upholsterers.