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The Corner drawind room

The Grand Duchess's Toilet Room was constructed between 1784 and 1788 after a design by Charles Cameron. Vincenzo Brenna partially redesigned the interior in 1798, which was when the large Venetian window appeared. In 1800, Giacomo Quarenghi again redesigned the interior, this time as the Emperor's Bed-Chamber. Paul's private rooms in the southern semi-circle (later the Residential Rooms of Maria Feodorovna) were still being finished and were considered too damp and unsuitable to live in. The architect Carlo Rossi redesigned the bed-chamber as a drawing room in 1816. In 1858, I. Potolov had it adapted as the Boudoir of Grand Duchess Alexandra Josifovna in keeping with the tastes and fashion of that period - in the Rococo style. The projects of Carlo Rossi and post-1816 archive documents, however, were the starting point for work on the restoration of the interior in 1960.

The Corner drawind roomThe walls were made into slightly hollow panels of artificial marble with wide frames in imitation of gilt bronze A plafond was painted in the en grisaille technique. The lilac tone of the artificial marble is extremely rare. The doors of watered birchwood and their carved gilt brackets are in harmony with the general artistic resolution of the interior. The chandelier of yellow glass was manufactured in St Petersburg in 1816 after a drawing by Carlo Rossi. The suite of furniture (sofa and chairs) was also designed by Carlo Rossi and manufactured in the J. Baumann workshop in St Petersburg. The upholstery consists of Russian silk and wool embroidery on canevas. The marble sculpture is the Venus Italia (copy of the statue by Antonio Canova, early 19th century). The jasper vase was designed by Carlo Rossi and manufactured at the Kolyvansky Factory.

On the fireplace are Mars and Minerva bronze gilt candelabra, a Love Crowning Friendship clock (France, early 19th century) and vases made at the Imperial Porcelain Factory (St Petersburg, early 19th century). At the sides of the fireplace are two vases on the theme Hector and Andromache (design by S. Golov and V. Mesheriakov, Imperial Porcelain Factory, St Petersburg, 1820s).